Fortnite Stuck at Checking for Updates

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You may get the Fortnite stuck on checking for updates since you are playing Fortnite. But, you do not have to worry because you are not alone, however, many other Fortnite players have the same problem too when they’re accessing Fortnite. Then, do you know why it happens?

In fact, updating for a new patch is the most important thing in Fortnite. It certainly will give some big effects to the game performance. But, how if the new patch becomes stuck after downloading for new updates. Generally, the update is only stuck in appearance. It means that the Fortnite players just cannot see what ‘s happening because of some issues that cause the progress bar to freeze at all.

Furthermore, the issue at checking updates that makes the player stuck to get Fortnite appears on some devices or platforms as you are using to play Fortnite. Certainly, it totally impacts the player when they download the new version of Fortnite update released earlier today.

As we know that Epic Games regularly added new patch notes to Fortnite to make Fortnite better performance. Well, if you are a veteran Fortnite player, you shouldn’t be weird anymore if you get the Fortnite stuck at checking for updates. Then, you may already understand how to fix this issue when it happens in Fortnite. Right?

Unfortunately, not all Fortnite players really understand how to fix the issue of Fortnite updates. Many of them are really getting confused to fix this issue. Even though they are looking for ways, still they cannot fix the issue well.

How to Fix Fortnite Stuck at Checking for Updates

If you get Fortnite stuck at checking for updates, then you already restart your game, but you still get this issue, of course, you need to do other excellent ways. So, we are here to show you the ways of fixing the issue. It hopefully will help you. Here are they:

  • First, make sure not to put the SIM card in the phone.
  • Second, do not connect to a wifi network.
  • Third, skip all the connectivity options. Then, the process will skip the “Checking for Updates” screen.
  • However, the “Checking for Updates” will not ask you for account setup. Then, you have to get to a vanilla home screen.
  • Now, you can connect your WIFI back.
  • Put the SIM card in or both.
  • After that, do the usual Check for Updates by clicking under Settings > System > Advanced. Automatically, your phone will download and install the latest update.

Well, those are some ways that you can do to fix Fortnite Stuck at Checking for Updates. Sometimes, the ways above are not working for certain devices. So, if you already do those ways above, but you are still stuck at Checking for Updates, it means that you have to look for another way.

If you cannot fix it, you can then do a Reset to Factory Defaults, and run through the process as it should work. Then, you can allow your phone to do the standard transfer from your old phone. But, this way may put you at risk. So, you have to be careful in this way.

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