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Are you confused where to land in Fortnite? If you feel it, then you are able to use the Fortnite wheel to spin. The wheel will decide where you have to land in the game. There are some apps or online tools that you are able to use to spin the wheel. But, if you want to make it by yourself, you are able to use Spin The Wheel Maker to make it.

If you want to make a Spin The Wheel for Fortnite, you will need a Spin The Wheel Maker. One of the makers that you are able to use is It is an online spin the wheel maker. Here, you just have to edit the list of the names in the right box on your screen. If you are confused about where to land in Fortnite, then you can change the name with the name of areas in Fortnite. And then, the names in the wheel will also change. If you have changed it, then you are also able to customize the wheel by clicking on the Customize menu at the top of the screen.

If you click on the Customize menu, you are able to change the things like the sound, spin time, maximum number of names visible on the wheel, the effect after spin, colors, and image. If you have adjusted it as you want, then you are able to try to spin the wheel.

How to spin the wheel? You just have to click on the spin and then it will spin. Or, you can spin it by pressing CTRL + Enter.

Another spin the wheel maker is SpinTheWheel app. This app can be found on Google Play Store and App Store. By using this maker, you are able to create your own wheels of fortune for your raffles, random draws, fun decisions and all the other cool stuff you come up with including about Fortnite. This app is free to download.

But, if you are lazy to make it, actually there are apps or online spin the wheel tools that you are able to use for Fortnite. If you need an app, you can download Spin The Wheel For Battle Royale on Google Play Store. You are able to use this app to know where you have to drop. You can play with the set of predefined wheels counting with the best Fortnite dances set and skins or dances for Battle Royale set. You just have to choose your set and then start spinning the wheel. Then, you will get totally random results. The size of this app is 9.3M and now it is in 1.0.2 version. If you want to use this wheel, you need to use the 4.2 android version or higher.

If you want to use an online wheel to spin, then you are able to access Here, there is an online wheel that you can spin to find out where you have to drop in Fortnite. To use the wheel, you just have to click on the Click To Spin button there and then the wheel will spin for you.

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