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The Deadpool’s challenges are out now in Fortnite. So, completing the Deadpool’s challenge is a fun way that you just do in Fortnite. However, Deadpool comes with comical and humorous character if you see in Marvel Movie Series.

In Fortnite Week 9, the players have to complete the Deadpool’s challenges. The task here is to find Deadpool’s shorts and salute the pants with an emote whenever you can. Even though many players think that there are no other challenges after throwing a Yacht Party, evidently Deadpool’s challenge surprisingly comes to allow the player completing the challenge.

Well, to complete Deadpool’s challenge, you have to remember to check it at Deadpool’s computer in his headquarters. In this case, you just interact with the computer, you totally will see the two new tasks on the list. The Deadpool’s computer is inside the vent on the right side of the main menu with the Challenge Table.

Where to Find Deadpool’s Pants?

The main of Deadpool’s challenge is to find the pants. Of course, the first thing that you must recognize is to know the location of Deadpool’s pants. You totally can explore through the Fortnite map to find it.

But, it is so easier if you get the clues from the sources which will guide you to find it. Well, we are here to guide you finding Deadpool’s pants for completing the challenge. On the other hand, finding Deadpool’s pants is related to unlocking Deadpool’s skin at once. It means that if the players want to unlock Deadpool skin, they should complete the challenges that have been presented throughout the week.

Then, if you want to unlock the Deadpool skin, you will need to complete the previous Deadpool challenges that will give you the classic red Deadpool skin.

Well, to find Deadpool’s pants, you have to go to the Sweaty Sands, on the top of the largest building on the east side of town. At the place, you will find Deadpool’s pants which fly in the wind on the flagpole at the very end of the building.

Here are the locations that you can find Deadpool’s pants:

  • B3: In Sweaty Sands, Roof of Hotel 23
  • C6: Slurp keg on the roof of the Slurpy Swamp factory
  • E4: Flagpole on the roof of The Agency
  • H1: Front of The Yacht
  • H4: Roof of the biggest Dirty Docks blue warehouse
  • G7: Peak of Mount Kay

Before you head out to salute Deadpool’s pants, ensure that you visit Midas’s room under the Agents menu first to collect Deadpool’s shorts from the armchair behind him. Then, you can unlock this second part of the challenge.

How to Salute Deadpool’s Pants?

Once you find Deadpool’s pants flying over the wind on the flagpole and collect Deadpool’s shorts from Midas Room, it is time for you to salute Deadpool’s pants as the parts of Deadpool’s challenge. Salute here means to give respect to one of Marvel Superheroes’ suits.

To salute Deadpool’s pants, you have to use an emote which was first available back in Fortnite Chapter 1 Season 3. But, not all Fortnite players added the emote to their locker. Instead, the players can approach Deadpool’s pants, then, you can see a prompt to salute them. It means that anyone can complete this challenge and collect the X-Force color option for Deadpool outfit.

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