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The fans of Fortnite Battle Royale can jump off the battle bus and into the imaginative play with the new line of Fortnite toys from Jazwares. It includes 7 different products for the fans of Fortnite ages 8 and up, all inspired by characters and accessories from the popular video games from Epic Games.

The main focus of the line is a package of collectible, 4-inch figures depicting 13 of the well-known Fortnite skins or the avatar players are able to battle as in Fortnite. Fans are able to collect Drift, Rex, Teknique, Bandolier, Raven, and more through a variety of single packs, starter packs, and blind box reveals. Apparently, the figures are highly posable, with 19 points of articulation, making it easy for people to recreate and invent action scenes or dance from the game.

As the addition to the weapons and back bling, the figures also come with some different amount of wood, stone, and metal materials, which players are able to use to make forts like they do in the game. The squares snap together to make the structures, even though younger children may have some assistance figuring out how to attach them. Aside from that, the individual squares of material also double as stands for the figures, with plastic pins that fit into holes in the feet of the figures.

Talking about the Fortnite action figures, a Youtube channel called Top Pops uploaded a video about the mystery code that is able to be found on the Fortnite action figure box. In the video, he shows lots of boxes with the Fortnite action figures in it. On each box, there is something like a hologram consisting of the code. Just like a lot of people, he is wondering what the codes are for and guessing that the codes can give them something like a gift or some exclusive contents. In order to find the answer to his curiosity, he then takes his phone and opens the QR code scanner that he has installed before. He scans it and the result is the link to a website.

Then, he clicks the link and he is taken to a website. The page shows the gratitude for purchasing a Fortnite officially licensed product as well as a customer authentication. The code shown is the same as the one on the box of the product. Below the customer authentication, there is a maroon Verify button. He hits the button, wishing something cool will show up and surprisingly, the result shown is only a statement that your Fortnite product is authentic. Please watch the video to know the details.

In conclusion, the Fortnite QR code from the action figures is able to be scanned with the QR code scanner. However, please do not expect something cool to happen or you will get a reward as it will give you nothing. The code is like the thing to prove that the thing that you purchase is a legal and legit product and not a fake one.

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