Fortnite Patch Notes v11.11

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What’s new in Fortnite today?

As one of the hottest games in the world, Fortnite has become gamers’ favorite to play battle royale game. However, Fortnite comes with a fun and challenging game to play. So, it is no strange if many gamers prefer to choose the game for the battle genre.

Of course, to make the players cozier to keep playing Fortnite, Epic Games regularly release for any new updates to improve and add some additional features within Fortnite. If you are a pro-veteran Fortnite player, you may already know that every update will come with new more gorgeous features with the best improvement to the game.

You may be familiar with Fortnite Patch Notes v11.11. Do you really know what the new features and improvement added to the game?

As a Fortnite player, you should know what the issues and the improvement added to the game. Here are some issues of Fortnite patch notes v11.11:

Known Issues

Battle Royale

  • The cosmetic issue included Kitbash Outfit’s head to appear floating.
  • There’s no gift wrap for gifted Battle Passes.
  • The magma wrap will look different than intended.

Save the World

  • It cannot increase the Rarity of the Nightfall Schematic.
  • The Locked Missions appear for some players in Hexsylvania.


  • The wireframe sphere will appear around some pet Back Blings.
  • Fog and light settings cannot apply when a personal island is published.
  • When the fog distance changes, it will be changing the appearance of previously created maps.


  • The daily Fortnite challenge will be back to complete for XP. This challenge is available up to three at a time. Once a day, you are able to replace a Challenge for another.
  • You can now filter your items by the Season in the locker. To filter it, you can enter the Season name in the search bar, then, use terms like Season 5, Season X, Chapter 2 Season 1 and many more.
  • You can set the UI contrast. Use the User Interface Contrast Settings in the Graphics section of the video settings.

The Bug Fixes

  • Addressed reports of hitching on mobile devices.
  • Addresses reports of buildings. It sometimes appears low-detailed on Xbox One and PS4 as players land on the map.
  • Resolved syncing issues including Bandage Bazooka. Because the Bandage Bazooka has been re-enabled.
  • Resolved the equipped item slot being the selection slot when the players open the inventory.
  • The Devastator skin appears with intended color.
  • The John Wick’s outfit pistol no longer appears larger than intended.
  • The Magma Wrap appears on everything except Pistol and Bandage Bazooka.

Gameplay Changes

  • Motorboat sound decreased.
  • Grenade spawn rates decreased.
  • Grenade stick size decreased from 10 to 6.

Now, you already learn about the Fortnite Patch Notes v11.11. Then, to download this new patch note, you ensure to clear your space on your device out. It may take your space up a lot.

Then, the Fortnite patch notes v11.11 now can be downloaded and installed on your devices. Then, the total of size is around 1.3 G but depending on your platform you’re using to play Fortnite. Because  every platform will take a different size in download and install the new patch notes.

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