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When you play a game, you totally will find Inspector settings that work to make some changes within the game. So as when you play the game of Fortnite, if your device uses an Nvidia Graphic Card, you automatically will be familiar with the Nvidia Inspector Settings.

Fortnite is now on the Unreal Engine, Currently running DX11 and has an ingame option to try out DX12 (Beta) for the game. Then, for the users who have no supported devices to play Fortnite, Nvidia GeForce totally will be working to launch Fortnite apps.

In this case, the Nvidia Inspector is a tool created by Orbmu2k which provides detailed hardware information including GPU-Z, from the hardware senors on Nvidia video cards. However, there are many Fortnite players who record their gameplay and edit it to be a video, finally, they upload it on their social platforms. Of course, the Nvidia Inspector is really needed to make the video card running smoothly.

Moreover, Nvida Inspector is a standalone application. It means that there is no other installation required. It is simply to download, then, extract the folder and run the executable to launch this tool. You definitely can run from USB drivers and use them on the go. When you want to change the location of where the program is located or to copy it to a new location, make sure that you move the entire folder and not just the executable file.

How to Get Fortnite Nvidia Inspector Settings?

As we have mentioned above that the Nvidia Inspector Settings is really easy to download. Because of standalone applications, of course, you do not bother to install the application. Well, to get Nvidia Inspector Settings, you can follow our ways as follow:

  • Make sure to choose one of them. For example, you choose the version of
  • Then, you can click it. At least, there will be three options of Assets file that you need to download, they are, Source code (zip), and Source code (tar.gz).
  • When you click each file, the file automatically will be stored in your library.
  • In the library, you can extract the file to run it.
  • Finally, the Nvidia Inspector Settings is working on your device.

What are the functions of Nvidia Inspector for Fortnite?

Like many games, NVidia Inspector Settings definitely have some functions to make the game better performance. The functions of Nvidia Inspector Settings are as follow:

  • Supports overclocking and changing driver settings
  • Monitoring of GPU parameters such as clocks, temperature, and fan speed
  • Minimize power consumption of the NVIDIA card
  • To pick a lower power state for multi display configurations.
  • To pull up and editing Profiles within the driver for Applications.
  • Adjust “3D settings” page in Nvidia Control Panel.
  • NVCP allows the users to use and causes you to rely on Nvidia.

Those are some functions of Nvidia Inspector Settings that you need to know.

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