Fortnite Midas Skin Turning Gold

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You may be familiar with the term Midas especially in History. The term of Midas definitely refers to a King from Greek Myth. In the history of Greek, King Midas was well-known as a greedy king in which he could turn anything he touched to be gold. That’s so marvelous, isn’t it?

Now, you can totally find King Midas in Fortnite? Then, how to get it?

In Fortnite, Midas was a Spy Boss at The Agency. He also had his own Mythic Drum Gun. He is also famous as the leader of E.G.O and a team of agents going undercover for E.G.O and A.L.T.E.R. Known, he has changed his appearance after the Device event in which it was revealed that Midas was totally working undercover for A.L.T.E.R. But, it was possibly not relevant.

Midas definitely comes with a blind right eye similar to Oro. Then, the numerous tattoos with golden plating have a function to reveal his reactive Golden Touch. He features a classy agent with an epic suit similar to Rock.

In the game of Fortnite, the mechanism of Midas’s gold touch definitely can turn any weapon or vehicle into gold even if the player dies. Moreover, it will still be gold when dropped. Then, the other players can pick it up and still have a weapon with a built-in gold wrap. (Note: This feature is not available in Fortnite: Save the World)

Midas in Fortnite is a Legendary outfit that you can get in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Midas really can be found in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 Battle Pass at Level 100 for 950 V-Bucks.

How to Turn Midas to Gold Style?

At the beginning, Midas comes with a classic look as the agent with an epic suit. As a flashback to the history of King Midas from Greek Myth, King Midas was totally able to turn anything to gold. Well, in Fortnite, you can also turn Midas in classy style to Gold Style. Of course, you need to reach a certain level to turn Midas to gold style.

However, to unlock the gold style of Midas, it is pretty simple to do. In this case, you just need to level up your battle pass. Then, if you reach a certain amount of the level, you certainly can unlock golden style for a particular skin.

You can unlock the gold style of Midas, if you reach 100 Level (Full Gold: Level 140).

Need to know that if you want to get the Golden Midas skin, you must have this season’s battle pass to obtain this skin. It means that you need to purchase the battle pass for 900 V-Bucks ($9.99) from the Fortnite Item Shop.

Once you reach level 100, the Golden Midas skin automatically will be available soon. So, you totally have two versions of this skin.

The first one is the Shadow version of Midas skin which comes with a black suit. And the one is the Ghost version of the skin which comes with a white suit. Then, if you use golden Midas skin in a Fortnite match, of course anything you touch will in fact turn into gold.

So, turning Midas skin to gold is totally important, isn’t it?

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