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Since you are playing Fortnite, you may want to participate at least in a tournament near you. However, participating in a Fortnite tournament will experience you to get competition with many other players. So, you will get unforgettable experiences if you join a Fortnite tournament.

Sometimes, it will be a bit difficult to find Fortnite LAN Tournament near you. Caused by little and unclear information about it, so it can be discouraged if you participate with the Fortnite tournament even though it’s near you.

Because you are coming to this page to know the information about Fortnite LAN tournaments near you, of course it is based on the country you live in. It means that tournaments in each region will be different in the schedule, match, rules and many more. So, if you want to find the Fortnite LAN tournament near you, make sure that you already have any sources.

To make it easier in finding the information about the Fortnite LAN tournament, at least, there are some sites that can inform you regularly about Fortnite LAN tournaments near you. Here is the list of those sites:


From those sites, you totally can find any information related to the Fortnite LAN tournament in each region. Then, make sure that you visit the site based on your region.

Generally, from all the sites, you can see many information including:

  • Participants
  • Matches
  • Schedule
  • Watch (1.Group, Latest Results and Upcoming Matches)
  • Share

To make you more understanding about Fortnite LAN tournament, we also show you an overview of tournaments that we get from one site above. Here are for detail:

Fortnite LAN Tournament Overview

  • Date: March 11, 2019 at 12.00 AM
  • Status: Completed
  • Discipline: Fortnite
  • Tournament: Fortnite LAN Tournament
  • Stage: Group

Game 1

  • Bag Secured: 850
  • Evoke Esports: 740
  • Cacoon: 470
  • Pentamigo: 440
  • Score:

Game 2

  • Bag Secured: 690
  • Evoke Esports: 800
  • Cacoon: 625
  • Pentamigo: 365

Game 3

  • Bag Secured: 1100
  • Evoke Esports: 825
  • Cacoon: 565
  • Pentamigo: 600

Game 4

  • Bag Secured: 850
  • Evoke Esports: 765
  • Cacoon: 725
  • Pentamigo: 320


  • Bag Secured: 3490
  • Evoke Esports: 3130
  • Cacoon: 2385
  • Pentamigo:  1725


  • Bag Secured: 1st
  • Evoke Esports: 2nd
  • Cacoon: 3rd
  • Pentamigo: 4th

How to Participate in Fortnite LAN Tournament

Of course, to participate in the LAN Tournament, at least there are two requirements that you need to fulfill.

  • A participant should be physically present in our festival in Anaheim Convention Center, California. Indeed, this tournament is played on LAN.
  • The age limit of participants is 13. If the participant aged 13-17 has to submit a signed parental consent.

Tournament Format

The solos tournament is commonly played in three stages. They are:

  • Stage 1: To open for everyone to sign up and the best 200 of each advance to stage 2. In this stage, we have different heats, blue and yellow.
  • Stage 2: This stage will advance 100 players to the Grand Final that you can play up to ten matches. And the best 100 100 players will advance.
  • Stage 3: This stage will see 100 players in eight game series with small breaks in each game.

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