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Epic Games releases the items regularly. Before the release, there are usually a lot of predictions of what items will appear on the item shop or the ones that will be released by Epic Games. One of the predictions comes from a Twitter account with the ID @ItemPrediction. This account was joined in March 2019. Since the first time it’s create, it has only 57 followers. If you see its followers, it seems like it is not trust-worthy.

Aside from some Twitter accounts, there are also some Youtube channels who predict what items will come out in the upcoming update. To find them, you can just go to the platform, type in Fortnite item shop predictions as the keyword and press the Enter button. There are a lot of channels that offer prediction. The prediction is usually based on stats and the behavior of Fortnite item shop rotation.

Actually, people do not need to see the Fortnite item shop prediction to know the upcoming release since Epic Games usually leaks the news by themselves. The developer of Fortnite is surely more trusted compared to the predictions.

Epic Games really loves leaking the Fortnite item shop. There was a case when the Italian Fortnite news felt updated to state that the Fortnite Battle Breakers Razor skin would be in the shop even in the end it was not going to be in the shop. It seems like Epic Games changed their minds about adding the skin to the shop after it was leaked.

Epic Games have leaked cosmetics coming to the Fortnite shop several times. During the 14 days of the Fortnite event last year, where there was at least one new cosmetic in the shop every day, they leaked a skin called Sugarplu that was encrypted. The thing means that the dataminers could not leak it, but the developer of the game leaked it by accidentally updating the news feed stating it would be in the shop tonight.

Another skin was also leaked during the Fortnitemares 2019 event. That time was Pleely Bone. The German news feed reported that the skin would be available in the shop more than 8 hours before the shop updated. At the time, Epic Games tried to act on the mistake by posting the Peely Bone skin announcement video a few hours before the item shop updated, stating it will be available in tonight’s item shop that includes a build-in emote.

After that, the official Twitter account of Arabic Fortnite leaked that the Sklaxis Fortnite skin would be available in the shop. However, the tweet was quickly deleted. Fortunately, the players have captured a screenshot of the accidental leak. Epic Games did it again and leaked a couple of skins that will be available in today’s Fortnite item shop.

As stated before, people do not really need Fortnite item shop predictions since Epic Games loves to leak the upcoming item that will be released in the item shop. In this case, all that should be done is to follow the Epic Games.

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