Fortnite: How to Report a Player

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Sometimes, you may find that there is a player who annoys you in the game. They probably do bad things to you such as bullying, harassment, and other bad things. Or, you may also find players who do not respect the community rules, content guidelines, and other players. If it happens, then you are able to report the player. Do you know how to report a player in Fortnite? We will explain it below.

According to Epic Games site, if you find a player who does not respect the Community Rules, Content Guidelines, and other players, you are able to report them via in-game reporting. Or, you are also able to contact the Player Support Team of Epic Games and then they will take action to the players who do those bad things.

If you want to report bad player behavior in Battle Royale or Save the World, you are able to follow the steps below.

1. The first thing that you have to do in game is choose the menu icon. Then, if you are already in a match, you are able to:

  • press Esc if you use PC/Mac.
  • press the Options button if you use PS4.
  • press the Menu button if you use Xbox.
  •  press the + button if you use Switch.

2. After doing the instruction above based on the device that you are using, then you have to select REPORT PLAYER.

3. Next, on the REASON tab, you need to choose  from the available options.

4. On the PLAYER NAME tab, you must choose the player that you want to report. It is important for you to know that you are only able to select the name of a player that you recently played with/against.

5. On the ADDITIONAL INFO tab, you are able to provide more information about your report but it is optional.

6. At last, you have to choose SEND REPORT

After you sent the report, then the Epic Games team will review your submission and then apply the appropriate action based on their Terms of Service and Code of Conduct.

Of course, in any gaming platform, there are always community rules. So, as a player, you have to make sure that you obey the rules so that no one will report you. Epic Games also has community rules. They create it to make Epic Games to be a safe and fun place for everyone to play games or hang out with friends. The Epic Terms of Service and game agreements have rules that apply to your use of Epic’s services. Epic offers a lot of ways to interact with others through its games, services, and environments. The Community Rules apply to all Epic users of games, services and environments. To follow the rules is not hard. But, if you violate the rules, there will be an action against your account all the way up to a permanent ban.

So, make sure that you obey the rules of Epic Games. And if then you see that some other players violate the rules, you are able to report them by following the instructions that we explained above.

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