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You may want to have a unique username in Fortnite. You may want your username to have some symbols or greek letters so that it can look cool. You are able to do that by the help of some websites which offer you greek letters. What are they?

If you access your browser using the keyword Fortnite Greek Letter Copy Paste, you will find that there are some websites which provide you Greek letters that you are able to use for your username in Fortnite and you just have to copy paste the letters. One of the sites that we found when we tried to search about it is

When you access that site, you will be able to see that there is a big space that you are able to use for typing the letters that you want and then the letters will appear in Greek directly. This Greek keyboard is designed for typing Modern Greek and not for ancient Greek letters. This keyboard is based on the Beta Code keyboard layout which attempts to match Greek symbols to QWERTY keys based on sound. For instance, the letter α (alpha) which sounds like a, must be typed by pressing A.

Klein Fein on his Youtube channel makes a video about how to make a username in Greek for Fortnite. His video entitled How To Get Any Username You Want In Fortnite which was uploaded on March 27th, March 2019. In that video, he makes Fortnite Greek username by using Greek Alphabet in Wikipedia. In addition, he also uses Cyrillic Alphabet in Wikipedia and also Smiley Face in Wiktionary site.

If you want to make a Fortnite username in Greek letters as he does, you have to access Greek Alphabet in Wiki and also if you want, you can also access Smiley Face in Wiktionary and also Cyrillic Alphabet in Wikipedia. In the Greek Alphabet Wikipedia site, you are able to scroll down the page and then you will be able to see the tables of the letters. You are able to pick up any letters that you need there by copying them.

Then, you are able to access Epic Games site. But, you will not go to the Epic Games launcher because you are not able to change your username there. You can go to your name on the top right of the site and then click on Account. In the Personal Detail, you will be able to see Display Name.

In that section, you are able to change your username by pasting the letters that you copied from the Greek Alphabet Wikipedia. In the video, he tries to enter three smileys and it seems to work. You are able to watch his video until the end to know how to use Greek letters or get any username that you want.

Now, you are able to try to use the sites that we have mentioned above. And if you have some problems when you use the site, paste the letters and any other problems, you are able to discuss it in a forum.

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