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A lot of digital gaming storefronts have refund policies when you cannot run, accidentally purchase, or just do not like games. The Epic Games Store is no different. This one gives you an easy form to request a refund.

The refund policy of Epic Games is similar to Stream’s. If you read the refund policy, you are able to tell a full refund for any reason as long as you are returning the game within 14 days of purchase and with less than two hours of play time. Unfortunately, you are not able to get a refund if you have been banned from the game for any reason, including Terms of Service violations.

  • To start the refund process, the first thing that you have to do is to open any browser and go to the official website of Epic Games and click Help that is able to be found in the top bar.
  • Then, choose Epic Games Store in order to access the help site of the Store. The next thing that you have to do is to click the blue Contact Us button located in the top right corner of the page. It should be done to open the Contact Us form.
  • In this stage, you need to fill out the form with your language, name, and email address. Even though the support form says your name is optional, the developer of Fortnite might reach out to verify your identity and proving this upfront will expedite the process. Under Product Title, please select the game that you want to return.
  • In the field under that, do not forget to designate the operating system you used. After that, open the Use the Drop-down Selection That Best Describes Your Inquiry menu and click Refund Request/Purchasing Issues. You need to describe the issue. It is better for you to give a short, clear reason why you want a refund to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  • When you are done, type the security code and click the Submit button. In the end, you will receive the email confirmation from Epic Games that your request was received. Basically, asking for a refund is submitting a form, not sending an email.

Refunds can be tricky when it comes to huge companies like Epic Games. Here are several tips to make sure the process goes smoothly.

  • First, when describing your issue in the Contact form, include the Order ID that came in the email receipt from the initial process to expedite the refund request.
  • Second, remember that returns have to be requested within 14 days of purchase, and you will be ineligible for a refund if the game has more than two hours of playtime.
  • Third, if you purchased a code outside of the Epic Games store, you will need to ask that storefront for a refund.
  • Fourth, you cannot return something if you were banned from that game or violated the Terms of Service.
  • Fifth, if you want to cancel a refund request, reply to the support ticket email.

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