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How do you feel to play fortnite with CS GO map? Of course, there are some Fortnite players who differentiate their gameplay between Fortnite and CSGO. This case evidently leads some content creators of gaming to combine Fortnite and CSGO in a game. How come?

Nowadays, every Fortnite player is in a shock after a YouTuber named Selage created a parkour map that is reminiscent  of CSGO’s surf codes. What does it look like?

In creating a reminiscent of CSGO’s surf map, Selage uses the Chiller Floor panels for simulating the feeling of the players after they are playing CS: GO surf maps. The map here also is similar to a lot of CS: Go surf map in visual.

According to any sources, this map reaches number one due to it transcends games and appeals to the players both CSGO and Fortnite. Then, if the map is successful as it deserves, we surely have to see many more surf maps in Fortnite’s future. Because you are coming to this page to know the code of Fortnite CSGO surf code, so, the creative code is  5575-9424-6589.

How to Play Fortnite in CS GO Surf Map?

At least, there are some stages that you need to follow when you want to play in Fortnite CS GO Surf map.

Stage 1: Find Fortnite Csgo Surf Servers

The first stage that you need to do is to find Fortnite CSGO surf servers. Some guides recommend using a CS GO simulator, but we think that it is much more useful to use CSGO surf servers and maps.

After that, you should find one of the many CSGO surf servers. You need to know that a famous place to start your surfing career is the map named “surf_mesa”. So, please subscribe to the steam maps workshop and your game client is going to download it automatically.

Stage 2: Choose Fortnite CS GO Surf Map

In the second stage, you will need to choose Fortnite CS GO surf map. Then, you can start a game and open the console with the ~key. You can enter “map workshop\450516696\surf_mesa” or whichever map you are starting on.

Once you  find yourself on your desired map. There will be any Fortnite CS GO surf maps that you can find. After that, you can choose the one that looks gorgeous for you. Besides, you can also start a map from your workshop.

Stage 3: Play Surf on CS: GO

Need to know that surfing needs a great deal of precision and accuracy for the surfers to be successful at it. Your aiming and jump placement requires to be spot-on in order to be a talented surfer.

Furthermore, surfing also will help you to get a great movement in the regular game. Ensure that you are not jumping around and surfing in the regular game to the level you are once you surf, but surfing is able to teach you regarding the movement in CSGO by enhancing it to a degree which creates it more obvious to surfers.

Of course, to know more about playing CSGO on a surf map, it is better for you to join with communities to add your knowledge about it.

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