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Fortnite added cross platform voice chat, the kind of feature that allows friend talk even if they are not currently playing the game. Party Hub, which is available in the mobile apps of the game, allows you to see which of your friends are online and start audio conversations with them. This one is based on similar technology developed by Houseparty, the group video chat app that Fortnite creator Epic Games acquired in June.

The chat is currently limited to audio, though the company says that the text chatting is on its way. You are able to talk to friends in the Party Hub even if they are playing a game and you are not. Aside from that, if you start a conversation in the mobile app but you want to play on a Pc or video game console, you can just open Fortnite on that device while you have the app open and the chat will be transferred there.

You are also able to prevent people from starting chats with you or joining your party by tapping a lock icon over your avatar. In addition, you are able to invite new people to your chat by ringing one of the game’s llama bells on various screens throughout the app.

In a blog post, Epic Games stated that the Party Hub makes new possibilities for syncing up with your team and staying in touch with friends, and right now they are just scratching the possible surface. When Epic took over Houseparty, it promised to build even more fun, shared experiences using the app as a foundation. With the introduction of the Party Hub, that idea is coming into view.

Each game is able to be a foundation for a socially connected community in a way that is different from some of the other platforms that are out there, that are increasingly too political or controversial, said the Epic SF studio director and Houseparty CEO named Sima Sistani.

The game called Fortnite, which is free to play but has been massively successful selling in-game cosmetic items, has effectively become a social network unto itself for a generation of young teenagers. According to the company, most of the current players play with friends. Viewed from that perspective, adding social features such as audio chat is only natural.

If for some reasons you are not able to talk or hear from anyone in your team, you can just simply bring up the options menu by clicking the gear icon. Then, go to the audio section. Do not forget to make sure that you turn on the voice chat setting. Turning it off will prevent you from hearing and talking to any of your teammates. You are able to toggle the voice chat setting from inside the lobby or during a match. On mobile, you are allowed to toggle the push to talk setting if you would like to easily turn on or off the chat setting at the press of a button while in the game.

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