Fortnite Creative Board Game Code Shoots and Ladders

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In Fortnite, you are allowed to explore one marvelous-hidden place named Creative Map. On this map, you totally can find a lot of interesting and inviting games to play. Sometimes, the game here is such a Fortnite challenge that you need to complete.

As we know that there tons of creative maps which are available in Fortnite. The creative maps here come with certain objects and themes. Each creative map definitely delivers different visuals and also certain challenges to complete. It means  that each creative map will present certain missions.

Then, if the players want to go to a Fortnite creative map, at least they must know the map code that they want to visit. Due to many creative maps in Fortnite, it is better for you to know what kinds of creative maps which will make you fun and entertained.

In this chance, we have one of Fortnite creative maps which may be good for you to play. The creative map here is Fortnite Creative Board Game Code Shoots and Ladders. The game here allows you to play the game like snake and ladder. This creative map in Fortnite is well-known as a Climb and Slide board game.

Fortnite Shoots and Ladders Board Game becomes popular when a YouTube Channel named AlexAce shows the game in this creative map. The video is entitled Fortnite SHOOTS & LADDERS BOARD GAME! (Fortnite Creative) that you can access at

He totally showed the gameplay of Shoots and Ladder Board Games. Then, if you are really curious to know the map code of Fortnite shoots and ladders board game, you surely visit the right page.

The map code of Shoots and Ladders game is  9678-3003-4723.

You can play shoots and ladders board games with 2-8 friends. The goal of this game is to make anyone reach the top first. The gameplay of this game is the same as the Snake and Ladder game. When you get a blue ladder on the box, it means that you are up and will have a chance to finish the game. Meanwhile, if you get a red shoot on the box, you must be willing to drop back into the box below. What a pity!

However, this is a fun and inviting creative map that you should visit. By typing the map code above, we guess that you will be at Shoots and Ladders game. Good Luck!!!

You can also play the kind of ladder game in the Fortnite. The game is called King of the Ladder. It was created by Unknown. The map code of the King of the Ladder is 1543-2971-2809. In the game, you are  allowed to fight your way to the pinnacle and maintain the control of the capture point.

If you are also interested to play other creative maps in Fortnite, we also have some best shoots game Creative maps codes:

  • 0377-1286-7849 (10Kill Sniper)
  • 9546-5724-7030 (Overwatch Black Forest Map – Gun Fight)
  • 1356-9797-8051 (Zone Wars: Permafrost)
  • 1035-5206-8493 (Ski Shooters)
  • 9189-9290-1074 (Gunfight: Pinewood Forest )

Then, here are some best board game Creative maps codes:

  • 8997-0928-3735
  • 9678-3003-4723
  • 3599-9624-4954
  • 9587-2165-3073
  • 2454-6689-7083

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