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You may often find people using symbols in their Fortnite names. Now, you may want to do the same so your Fortnite name will unique. You are at the right page, as here we are going to share Fortnite symbols that you can copy and paste.

There are many symbols can be used for Fortnite name. Actually, any symbol is fine, as long as it is appropriate. Here are Fortnite symbols allowed to copy and paste in your Fortnite name.

  • Common Fortnite name symbols.
  • Star type Fortnite Name Symbols.
  • Currency Fortnite Name Symbols.
  • Bracket Type Fortnite Name Symbols.
  • Card and Chess Type Fortnite Name Symbols.
  • Arrow Type Fortnite Symbols.
  • Letter Fortnite Symbols.
  • Special Type Fortnite Name Symbols.
  • Greek Fortnite Symbols.
  • Chinese Fortnite Name Symbols.
  • Japanese Fortnite Symbols.
  • Korean Fortnite Symbols.

Well, the text above is a list of Fortnite symbols allowed to copy and paste in your Fortnite name. Now, we are able to explain three of the most popular interesting symbols. They are Common Fortnite Name symbols, Star Type Fortnite Name symbols and Greek Fortnite symbols.


The symbols are given because you can quickly access the symbols easily. Do not worry as these symbols are 100% supported on Fortnite. Please put the symbols in your Fortnite name and make it cool looking.

ツ        么        彡        〆        私

٭          Ł          ॐ        ×          ®

ジ        Ø         刁        ズ        丶

シ        연        气        个        Ð

《        文        「」    卍        ・

一        廴        刁        丨        『』

帝        人        神        父        ×

요        〖〗    ロ        ア          レ

米        ๏           卄        ๔          ۝

ゞ        女        王        īlī         ム

多        【】    れ        冬        ⦇⦈


This is one of the most popular interesting symbols that you can put in your Fortnite name. There are many players who put these symbols in their username. Now, you are able to make a unique Fortnite name by putting one of these Fortnite Symbols.

★                ✮        ❁

☆        ✵       ✯       ❂

✡        ✶        ✰        ❃

 ✦       ✷       ⁂

✧        ✸        ⁎         ❈

 ✩       ✹       ⁑        ❉

 ✪       ✺        ✢       ❊

✫        ✻       ✣       ❋

✬        ✼       ✤

 ✭       ✽       ✥        ❆

 ❀       ✾        ✱        ✲

✿                ×


Another most popular interesting symbol is Greek Fortnite symbols. Usually, these Greek Fortnite symbols are for those who are totally independent. If you have a leadership quality you are able to use these Greek Symbols.

 χ         α          Υ          ξ

ψ         β          Φ         ο

 ω        γ         Χ         π

 Α         δ         Ψ        ρ

Β          ε         Ω        ς

 Γ         ζ          Μ        σ

 Δ         η          Ν          τ

Ε          θ          Ξ         υ

 Ζ         ι          Ο        φ

 Η         κ         Π          Κ

 Θ        λ         Ρ          Λ

 Ι          μ         Σ         ν

Well, the text above is a list of Fortnite symbols that you can copy and paste. Now, your dream to have a unique Fortnite name will come true.

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