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Talking about the best places to land in Fortnite, it definitely will refer to the suitable places that you can use to land after flying using the glider. But, we emphasize that the best places to land will be different in each Season. Of course, you may get the different best places to land when you read our article.

Epic Games recently added a new complete map to Fortnite Battle Royale with a more gorgeous look and easier guide to reach the places as you want. Of course, with the new map releases, many players will need to change their landing spots and approaches as well.

That’s why knowing the best places to land is such a must way for you. You formerly think that every place is great to land, but it’s totally wrong. However, there are some places which are not good to land. The places may be dangerous if you land. You surely do not want to get unwanted things as falling down or dangerous free-fall at all.

Top 5 Fortnite Places to Land

So, to avoid it, we are here to give you top places to land in Fortnite that we show below!

Catty Corner (Mountain)

You may think that this place is quite busier to land. But, this is enough to be a useful landing place. In this place, you will find a lot of loot, then, you will have a chance to gain the building materials. So, we recommend you to land here if you want to overlook a large portion of the map.

House to the South of the Authority

The main thing that you have to recognize when you land in this place is to get to a secluded place. You surely want to land in a deserted place, don’t you? This landing place is located south of the Authority, across the water and to the east. When you land on it, you directly break through the roof, then, grab the chest on the top floor.

Building Northwest of Misty Meadows

The place to land is located to the east of the bridge. It contains a chest on the bottom floor for you to gain the loot from. You can start in a secluded place, just northwest of Misty Meadows. In this place, if you go to the water nearby, you will find a buoy to swim to another chest.

The Authority

When you look for the best places to land in Fortnite, you surely will find that The Authority is the great place to land. The Authority is placed at the very center of the island. This place is also the center of the action. You may already know that many players will land on this place in every Fortnite match.

Northwest of Frenzy Farm

Another great place to land and gain the loot and resources is to head to the Northwest of Frenzy Farm. In fact, this place is a suitable spot to land in which you will find two chests as well as vehicles to destroy for the parts. Moreover, you can plan a great route after you land on.

Well, those are the best places to land based on our survey. Of course, you probably will find the different best places in every Fortnite Season. So please keep finding them!

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