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If you play Fortnite on a console, you are able to team with friends who also use that console. For example, if you are playing on Xbox One, you are able to invite your Xbox Live friends. If you are playing on PlayStation 4, you are able to play with your PlayStation Network friends.

But, as we know that Fortnite is a cross platform game. Players who play on PC can play with Xbox players. Then, Nintendo Switch players can play with mobile players, and so on. The problem is, how to add friends in this cross platform game?

If you want to play with a friend who is using a different platform, you have to add them through Fortnite or the Epic Games launcher PC app. Here, we will explain to you how to be able to play Fortnite cross-play and also how to play it with friends including how to add friends there.

Steps to Do Fortnite cross-play with PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, iOS, Android

  • The first thing that you have to do to play cross-play in Fortnite is log into your Epic Games account. You must do this on a phone, tablet, desktop, or even a console’s built-in browser. If you do not have an account, you are able to make one on their official site.
  • If you are playing on PC, you will have to  go via the Epic Games Store.
  • If you are in, you have to hover over or click your username in the top right of the screen, then press “Account”.
  • In the “Account” menu, you need to press the fifth option down – “Connected Accounts”.
  • In this menu, you are able to press to connect any other accounts you own with this central Epic Games account. Make sure to just use the username and password that you use to log in to each account. Then, it will sync your progress and purchases between everywhere you play Fortnite.

Steps to Fortnite cross-play with friends on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, iOS, and Android

  • First, you must open Fortnite on whatever platform you play on. Then, access Battle Royale as you normally would and open the options menu in the top right corner. If you are using PS4, you can do it by pressing the “Options” button.
  • Next, you must choose “Epic Friends” from this menu, and then press the person’s silhouette with a plus sign beside it at the top.
  • You must enter the friends that you want to play with Epic Games account usernames. Note that it is not their PSN name, or Xbox Live ID, or Nintendo account name, or anything else. For cross-play to work, you must enter the person’s Epic Games account username.
  • If you have added someone’s Epic Games username, then press “Add Epic Friend”.
  • If  they have accepted the invitation, you will be able to use the Party Finder to add them to your party and cross-play.

If your friend wants to find the friend requests, your friends need to go into the “Epic Friends” menu in their game. See a section titled “Friend Requests” there.

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