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In Fortnite, you may not be strange anymore with some challenges offered to the players. As a veteran Fortnite player, you may ever try to complete many Fortnite challenges. Then, you may already know the clues of every challenge.

Many Fortnite challenges will allow you to look for a certain location, then, you have to do an action there such as to dance in front of the object, to find the battle stars and many more.

To complete many Fortnite challenges, you definitely have to know where the location is. Then, you need to look for the exact places that become one of the location challenges.

Then, one of the inviting challenges in Fortnite that you should follow is to dance way above ground pool. This challenge comes in Fortnite Season 10 Week 6.

In this Season, the challenge requires the players to dance in front of or in different locations or objects. Then, one of the parts of this challenge allows the players to dance in front of a Bat Statue and to dance in a way above ground pool.

Of course, the location to complete that challenge may be confusing for some players including you. But, you do not worry, we are here to help you find the locations as quickly as possible.

Well, in this chance, we will focus on giving you the guide to complete the challenges to dance way above ground pool.

You surely need to know where the location of the above ground pool is. By knowing the exact location of this place, you automatically will get an easier way to complete the challenges fast.

Where is the Above Ground Pool?

In fact, the way above ground pool is a new location that appears in Fortnite Season 10. To find this location, you have to remember the motel which used to be between Junk Junction and Lazy Links.

Well, it is back in which the way above ground pool can be found on top of the floating island. This location was added in this week’s v10.20 content update.

When you already find the location, you will see the way above ground pool which is located on the floating island. Definitely, the pool is so easy to see on Fortnite maps. It is marked with the white part of the floating island.

How to Complete the Challenges?

As we explained above, the challenge in this Season is to dance way above ground pool. So, here are the guides to complete the challenge:

  • First, you simply have to go into the way above ground pool.
  • Then, make sure that you already choose an emote dance as your favorite.
  • Last, you can dance above ground pool well.

Need you know that the prestige challenges in this Season require you to dance at all three different locations in one game. So, if you already complete the challenges, of course, you can get your own pride as you are successful to conquer a bit of a hard challenge.

Well, are you interested in completing the challenges? Do it fast now!

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