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You may want to complete the Fortnite blockbuster challenges. But, the challenge is so hard to complete even if you do not know the exact locations to complete the challenge. Then, what is the challenge which is included in Fortnite Blockbuster challenges?

The Fortnite Blockbuster challenges here mean the ones to tackle for Fortnite Season 10 Week 6. Of course, when you have got this far, you will understand the concept of the challenges in this Season.

In this case, you can start off with three, then, you can complete one. The new one will appear in its place until you have completed the seven challenges. Automatically, you can get the high prestige when you have completed the mission.

Then, one of the challenges included into Fortnite Blockbuster challenges is to land at a run down Hero Mansion and an abandoned Villain Lair. Definitely, this challenge is not difficult to complete. But, if you did not play the game back in Fortnite Season 4, of course, you may get any confusing way where to go.

Then, to help you complete one of Fortnite blockbuster challenges, we are here to inform you the exact location where the Fortnite Villain Lair is located.

Where to Find Fortnite Abandoned Villain Lair?

To get the location, you need to head to the opposite side of the Fortnite map. Of course, it is slightly trickier to find due to the Fortnite Villain Lair being embedded in the side of the mountain. When you are on the top of Snobby Shores, you have to look at the mountain to your east. Then, you automatically will be able to see a skull face.

Well, you already find the Fortnite Villain Lair which is built up to it. In this location, you can also find a few chests in the base where the villains have carried out their operations.

Once, it is as easy as possible to find two unnamed places on the Fortnite map if you know where to look for them. But, you have to consider that it will be harder to find if you are not familiar with this location. So, to find the Fortnite Villain Lair will need a skill honed at all.

Talking about Hero Mansion, our brain will be directed into a huge fantastic building which was once pristine, but it has since become somewhat dilapidated.

To find this place, you can go all the way to eastern coast of the Fortnite map. Then, tucked away north of the desert region. Head to Lonely Lodge, after that, follow the road to the south.

In this location, there are a lot of chests that you can find. So, you are able to complete the prestige challenge when you return without too many issues.

We emphasize that Hero Mansion and abandoned Villain Lair are both hives of rampant speculation in Fortnite. Of course, if you want to get more prestige in this challenge, you definitely have to find the two locations of completing this challenge.

So, make sure that you follow our guide that we have explained above.

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