Fortnite 2FA Gifting System

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In Fortnite, there is a feature that allows the players to send a gift to your friends. The feature is called Fortnite gifting system in which you will have a chance to get a gift and send it to your lovely friends. This gifting system will be found on 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication).

The gifting system in Fortnite can be obtained by enabling the 2FA before. Besides, you have to reach level 2 or higher. Then, do you know what the 2FA is?

If you are a veteran Fortnite player, you may already know about this. The 2FA is one of the Fortnite features that works to help you protect your Fortnite account and keep safe and secure. However, keeping your account in Fortnite still safe and secure is definitely a must for you.

If you do not protect your Fortnite account yet, of course, we recommend you to protect it as soon as possible. In fact, there are many unfair people that try to hack your Fortnite account. Then, if they are successful in hacking your Fortnite account, they automatically will do anything in your account even if they will sell your Fortnite account as well.

So, that’s why enabling the 2FA feature in Fortnite is really recommended for you. Of course, to make the 2FA active, you can do some easy ways at all. You can go to the official site of Epic Games that you can access here.

Then, you can be directed to your Fortnite profile account. On this page, you can find the Password and Security menu on the right side of your screen. After that, you have to scroll the page down until you find Enable Authenticator Apps.

In this step, you will find some options to enable the 2FA, they are Enable Authenticator App, Enable SMS Authentication and Enable Email Authentication. Make sure that you choose one of them as you want. Of course, if you choose one method, you have to follow the next steps.

Generally, you are required to download and install the Authenticator Apps. Then, Epic Games will send the Verify Your Email to your email. You surely have to verify your email by clicking the link sent to your email.

That’s it! You are finally done to enable the 2FA feature in Fortnite.

Talking about the 2FA gifting systems, certainly, if you succeed enabling the 2FA feature, you automatically will get a gift sent to your account. Do you know what  the 2FA gift is?

Surprise!!! After you enabled the 2FA feature in Fortnite, you will get a Fortnite glider sent to your account. Moreover, you are allowed to unlock Boogie Down Emote for Fortnite Battle Royale as your bonus. It means you can get a glider and Boogie Down Emote dance in Fortnite.

Then, you are able to send the gift to your lovely friends that you can choose from the friends’ list. But, you need to know that you must already have a friend at least 48 hours before sending a gift to them.

Those are the rules for how the 2FA gifting system works in Fortnite.

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