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You may want to display your wonderful name in Fortnite. It is what everyone wants in any game, not only in Fortnite. Actually, the wonderful name will also present something marvelous related to the name’s owner. Moreover, it will be able to reflect a player’s character in real life.

To own a wonderful name in Fortnite, you are able to look for some unique names to be options. The unique names here totally cannot be separated from any symbols that you are able to put in your name. If you really want to display a unique name in Fortnite, you have to use any attractive symbols. To present a unique but extreme at once, you are able to use a Fork symbol in your Fortnite name. By the way, will Epic Games allow you to put a Fork Symbol in your Fortnite name? Of course, yes.


Apparently, to put a fork symbol in your Fortnite name is so easy to do. If you think that putting a fork symbol in your Fortnite name is really hard to do, you are wrong. Well, in this article, we are going to share some methods to put a fork symbol in your Fortnite name. Please follow our steps below!

Method 1: Finding a Fork Symbol.

The first thing that you have to do if you want to put a fork symbol in your Fortnite name is to find the symbol first. You are able to get the symbol from many sources. In this case, you are able to get a fork symbol by typing “fork symbol” on your choice browser. After that, you have to open one source which shows a fork symbol that you can copy. Make sure that you find a copyable fork symbol. After that, you are able to copy a fork symbol or more based on what you want.

Method 2: Open Your Epic Games Account.

After you copy a fork symbol, the next step that you have to do is to go to your Fortnite profile by login to Epic Games. Then, you have to fill your Epic Games username and password on the available bar. You are going to be directed into the Epic Games profile. Next, you are able to select your Epic Games name, then, click Account. By clicking it, you are going to go to the General Settings menu.

Please select your account name by clicking a Pen symbol. Click it. Type your name and copy a Fork symbol whichever side you want whether you will copy it in front or behind your name. After you change your new Fortnite name completed by a Fork symbol, do not forget to checklist to accept Epic Games’ Term & Services.

If your Fortnite name changes are completed with a Fork symbol, it means that your methods totally succeed. But, if your Fortnite name does not change, it means that you fail and have to try it again later.

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