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Since you are playing Fortnite, Do you ever have more than one account on Fortnite? If so, do you mergE more accounts to only one? However, you ever have any hard ways in which you want to transfer any items from one account to another. Then, if you merge your account, definitely you can transfer anything with a finger pick.

Then, how to merge your Fortnite account to link between?  Well we are here to share the ways of how to merge two Fortnite accounts to be only one account in Fortnite. Here you go!

You probably do not know yet that Epic Games has released an awesome feature in November 2018 which will allow the players who have multiple accounts to combine. The feature is called an “account merging” system which means two accounts or more can be merged in a single Epic account.

Unfortunately, this feature has ever removed from Epic Games. But now, the feature is still in progress to come back. About the time when it will release back, we cannot mention it because there is no official announcement related to the time of the Account Merging releases.

How does Account Merging Feature Work?

By using the feature, you can totally transfer any cosmetic item purchases, V-Bucks, Save the World and lifetime wins. So, can you do any purposes related to more accounts to be one purpose?

Merging account can combine two or more accounts to be one. Through this merging account, you can really transfer the cosmetic items and also v-bucks between the accounts. If you have an account linked to PSN, so, you are allowed to do some purposes, they are:

  • Linked to Primary Account

The console logins will be linked to the primary account upon merging. This involves console login for Xbox Live, PSN and also Nintendo Online.

  • Integrated Two Account to One

You have to know that a merging account can be worked if one account is linked to the PSN. Furthermore, the merging account cannot work between accounts from the same platform. It means that one of the accounts have to be linked or played on the PSN.

  • Transfer Cosmetic Items and V-Bucks

This purpose is really desired by every Fortnite player in which you can transfer v-bucks in one primary account to console accounts. Besides, you can transfer any cosmetics from the secondary account to the primary account. Unfortunately, the Creative Island cannot be merged and will be removed in the secondary account.

How to Merge Two or More Account to One

After you know what you will get if you merge your Fortnite account, it is really better for you to know the steps to merge the account on the Fortnite page. Here they are:

Step 1: Identify the Primary and Secondary Console Account

The first way you have to pay attention is to identify your accounts. The primary account can hold the progression and any purchase, meanwhile the secondary cannot do it.

Step 2: Make Sure Both Account Has Been Upgraded

The second way, you have to ensure that you really have upgraded the console account both of primary and secondary accounts. If you have not upgraded the accounts yet, you do not expect to be able to combine the console accounts to one.

Step 3: Unlink the Secondary Console from Epic Account

Lastly, after you verified your console account, it is time for you to unlink your secondary console so that the secondary account can be linked to your primary account.

Well, you already know the steps on how to link the secondary account to the primary account. Unfortunately, this feature was removed from Epic Games at the end of May 6, 2019. The reason is that just a few players need this feature now.

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