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Normally, if something looks too great to be true, it is. This is exactly what has been known to happen in the game called Fortnite, the smash hit of Epic Games with its free-to-play Battle Royale mode. V-Bucks, the Fortnite in game currently, is the only thing that can be used to buy cosmetic items, such as emotes, outfits, gliders, and pickaxes. But for most part, V-Bucks cost real money. What you obtain in the game does not go that far.

Here is an important thing to keep in mind: there is no such a thing called free V-Bucks. The developer of the game has confirmed it. Unless you are winning some in a competition, a well-known streamer, or being rewarded directly by Epic Games, the free things do not exist. Everything is a scam to get your Epic Games account login. In fact, everything that sounds too good to happen, likely is, and anything that ever asks for your login information that is not you logging in to your Epic Account is almost certainly not good.

The first thing that you have to do to protect yourself is to never click on any of these links. But the other thing you can, and recommended to do is to add two factor authentication or 2FA. Aside from that, if you have any payment information stored in your Epic account, please remove that, and just enter it every time.

Do you know what the thing known as two factor authentication or 2FA is? For those who are not familiar, two factor authentication or 2FA is a simple but effective way of protecting your Epic Games account. Here is how to add some extra security to your Epic Games account, using two-factor authentication or 2FA. First, go to the official website of Epic Games and log into your account. Second, open account setting by hovering over your username in the top right corner. Third, select password and security. Fourth, at the bottom, click on the button labeled enable two factor sign in.

Now, it does not matter whether you log in to a new device with your Epic Games account, you will be emailed a unique code that you will have to enter before you are allowed access. While you are in your account settings, it is also a good thing to make sure you have a unique and hard to guess password. A password manager is such a good way to generate these, and the users of Windows 10 should definitely check out a thing called Enpass.

For those who play Fortnite on Xbox One and your Epic Games account is produced from your Xbox Live login, the same rules apply. Do not ever click on any free V-Bucks links. In this case, you could be handing over much more than just your Epic account information, there is no real suggestion at this point that any accounts of Microsoft have been compromised thanks to the game called Fortnite, but do not take the risk.

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