Did Fortnite Add Bots to the Game?

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Did you hear that Fortnite added bots to the game? If you heard this news, then you may be curious why Fortnite did it and how to play with bots in the game. Here, we will give you the explanation about it so that you will be clear about it.

If you play Battle Royale games in the Chapter 2 of Fortnite, you may notice that there are some really awful players. In the past, streamers have named them as “bots”. However, in Chapter 2 the bots really exist and it is not just an insult. Epic Games announced about the addition of bots some weeks before the actual release of Chapter 2.

The bots in the game behave the same as normal players and they will help provide a better path for players to grow in skill. Bots will work in the new matchmaking system, and when your skill improves, you will face fewer bots in the game. But, they will not be found in Competitive playlists and also they will not be a part of Creative mode.

The developers stated that bots are not able to use vehicles and they are not able to do 90s. And if you have played any games so far, you will notice that the bots are not good at picking fights, either. There is a Reddit user who uploaded a video of themselves finding a bot. The bot saw the user, and proceeded to farm materials rather than shoot their weapon.

In the game, bots are not flagged by the system. They have usernames which sound believable. Besides, they also wear fancy skins, just like a human player does. At first glance, or in the middle of a frantic firefight, bots may be able to appear like actual users and this resemblance has made players look for warning signs.

Now, players are not just concerned about whether or not the people that they are killing are actual bots. Also, they are worried whether they look real to other people as well, especially at the lower echelons. Then, you may think that if you make a mistake, or play terribly, will other players confuse you for a bot?

The announcement about it is already causing controversy among the game’s most passionate fans. But, actually bots are a more elegant solution to Epic’s stated goal of creating an experience where anyone can win.

Alongside adding bots, Epic states that it is tweaking how matchmaking works. Both features launched with Fortnite’s 10.40 update. You will be more likely to match with players who have the same skill and when you get better, you will also get better opponents. In the announcement, they stated that they will slowly roll this out to all regions across Battle Royale core modes because they test and monitor how it performs.

So, have you ever met bots in the game? If you think that you met bots there, how can you differentiate them. And, what do you think about the existence of bots in Fortnite? You surely have your own opinion about it and if you want, you are able to share your opinion.

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