Dance in Front of Different Holiday Trees

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In this Holiday Season, Fortnite kindly gives the players some awesome challenges with gorgeous rewards as all. The Fortnite challenges take place every day for two weeks. Of course, for you who always take the challenges will not be confused about the time. So, you really know when the challenge will be.

Then, what is the challenge that you can take on this Holiday?

Today, the challenge is to Dance in front of different Holiday Trees’ in Fortnite. This is such a tricky challenge that you have to complete. You may not be brave to take the challenge because you do not master the map well. However, the new map of this challenge is still unfamiliar.

But, you do not have to worry. In this case, we have a parameter to learn for the new map. We will refer to the Holiday Trees called Christmas Trees that are scattered around the map. Through those Christmas Trees, definitely you will be easier to learn the new map and get the holiday trees.

Due to this challenge is to dance in front of the Holiday trees, of course, the main thing that you need to do is to find all of the trees in different locations. As you know that finding the different trees is a bit hard if you do not know where they are.

Then, to give you easy clues in finding the Holiday trees in different locations, we are here to show them for you.

  • Holiday Tree 1 – Happy Hamlet

The first Holiday tree is Happy Hamlet that you can find in the eastern part of the village, right next to the coffee shop.

  • Holiday Tree 2 – Lucky Landing

The second Holiday tree can be found by entering through the Northeastern entrance of the Lucky Landing. Then, you can find the Chinese town’s Holiday.

  • Holiday Tree 3 – Fatal Fields

This Holiday tree stands out surrounded by the corn fields on all sides.

  • Holiday Tree 4 – Paradise Palms

You are able to try finding a Holiday tree at the ledge outside of the condominium in this Paradise Palms.

  • Holiday Tree 5 – Retail Row

There is a Holiday tree that you can find in the middle of the Retail Row.

  • Holiday Tree 6 – Titled Towers

The Holiday tree in the Titled Towers stands tall in the city’s basketball court. Then, you are able to find it at the northeastern side of the Titled Towers.

  • Holiday Tree 7 – Viking Ship

The seventh holiday tree can be found at the bow of the Viking ship. This Holiday tree is definitely under Snobby Shores.

  • Holiday Tree 8 – Pleasant Park

To find the eighth Holiday tree, you can visit the Holiday tree at the Northeastern edge of the park.

  • Holiday Tree 9 – Frosty Flights

Definitely, you are able to find this Holiday tree above the Frosty Flights. Then, you can get the tree inside the cabin.

When you have gotten a Holiday tree, you have to dance in front of it, then, you can continue to dance it in different trees. If you are successful dancing in front of the Holiday tree, you can get notification saying you have done so. If you win or lose the game, your progress automatically will be saved.

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