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In Fortnite, there is an awesome feature that allows the players to play the same game on a server. The feature is called Custom Matchmaking. This was introduced some time ago. Moreover, this feature makes the players easier to get into the same lobby in Fortnite Battle Royale.

Of course, to get this feature, there are some exact rules that you have to recognize. Need to know that this Custom Matchmaking in Fortnite cannot be accessed by anyone. The players who are not categorized in certain rules, they automatically cannot get this Fortnite feature.

So, who are the Fortnite players who can get this awesome feature?

In fact, Custom Matchmaking feature is specially intended for content creators, streamers, and best-competitive players in Fortnite.

The content creators here are video makers, storytellers, cosplayers, artists, streamers, musicians and community builders. If you are in one of those categories, definitely you will have a chance to get the Custom Matchmaking feature.

Generally, the streamers use this feature to have fun with their viewers. Meanwhile, the competitive Fortnite players will use the Custom Matchmaking feature to practice in the same game and server. So, they can increase their skill with other players.

Formerly, the Custom Matchmaking feature was only used for the larger tournament officially affiliated with Epic Games. Later, a selected group from support-a-creator-program has a chance to get the access. Then, more people categorized for a support-a-creator program are accepted.

How to Get Codes for Custom Matchmaking

As we have explained above, the players who can get access for Custom Matchmaking feature are certain categories (content creators, streamers and competitive players). If you are in one of them, of course, you will be accepted to get the access.

Then, if you are accepted into the creator program, you automatically will accept a support-a-creator code (SAC code). It means that you will get the code after being accepted into the creator program. Then, you cannot get the code, if you are not categorized into the creator program at all.

So, make sure that you are in the content program category if you want to get this Custom Matchmaking feature.

Criteria to Become Part of SAC Program

If you are a content creator, at least you must have some criteria below!

  • You are capable of receiving payment for Epic Games support (Ex. Paypal).
  • You complete the Affiliate Agreement and submit by the Creator Code of Conduct.
  • You have more than 1,000 followers on your social platform (Ex. Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Mixer, Facebook and more)

How to Use Custom Matchmaking Code

If you want to try using the code of Custom Matchmaking, you can totally use it by following some easy steps.

  • First, in your game, you have to click on game mode.
  • Second, choose Custom Option in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • Third, you can fill in a code on the Custom Matchmaking Key bar.
  • Then, start the game.
  • Finally, this will open up the queue.

Moreover, the more codes can be obtained from competitive players. They usually have the code for Custom Matchmaking. So, keep updating for the latest code.

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