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In Fortnite, courses are great for practicing and getting prepared to head into battle. With the relatively new mode called Creative, there are a ton of usable maps that are able to be played by anyone if they have the right code. All the maps are all over the maps in what you are able to do with them.

Some maps are for warm up, aim practice, hide and seek, racing, and many more. This type of mode has added a lot of creativity to the game, and people are finding a lot of new ways to get enjoyment out of Fortnite.

Among the best Fortnite warm up and edit courses, there is an edit course of Candook. This one is known as Candook’s 9 in 1 Edit Course. This edit course has a lot of variety and difficulty goes from very easy to quite hard. You will be able to find a lot of resets, builds, and edits to work through, so it is such a great one to get your warmed up on your PC or console. In the map, you can be anywhere on the spectrum of skill and find something useful. For those who want to try, the code of this map is 7440-4394-8340.

Aside from that, there are also some more shared by Candook on his Youtube channel. Here is the list of the code that he was shared:

  • 7 In 1 Edit Course (Fortnite Battle Royale Creative Mode): 0088-7954-2363
  • In 1 Edit Course (Fortnite Battle Royale Creative Mode): 5384-7782-2885
  • Instinct Edit Course (Fortnite Battle Royale Creative Mode Gameplay): 3503-5010-1076
  • Pro or Expert Edit Course (Fortnite Battle Royale Creative Mode): 5492-2015-3879
  • Advanced Edit Course Remastered (Fortnite Battle Royale Creative Mode): 8365-3081-7848
  • 3 In 1 Edit Course (Fortnite Battle Royale Creative Mode): 8562-8348-9428
  • Speed Edit Course (Fortnite Battle Royale Creative Mode): 8498-6155-867

In order to use the creative mode, once you load up the game called Fortnite, you will be given the three options on what you want to play. The first one is Save the World mode, the second one is Battle Royale mode, and the third one is Creative mode. All that should be done is to click the Creative option, then click Play and then Create. Remember to not start a server if you want to play solo.

Once the map is loaded, the Orange Rift is able to be seen. This one will take you to islands where you are able to create custom maps. As you do not need this right now, you can look around and find the featured portals. There is a custom portal area in Fortnite, so you might have to seek it out a bit. You have to find the portals with the console in front of them and interact with one.

From this, you can either choose one of the codes you have added to your favorites, or paste a code you have at the end of the URL. After that, click the Accept button and it will load up the island of your choice. When it is done, you are then able to run into the rift and it will transport you to it.

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