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Featuring your Fortnite character with the gorgeous skin is definitely a must for you. Indeed, skin automatically will change your character’s look if you use the best of the best skin in Fortnite. You may already know that there are tons of skins that you can get in Fortnite.

In fact, the Fortnite skin comes with a female and male look. So, you can select the gorgeous one based on the genre as you want. In this case, female and male skins in Fortnite totally have an attractive side. Each genre makes your Fortnite character get a more adorable look.

Well, in this chance, we will recommend you to choose one of favorite skin in Fortnite.Why does skin become favorite skin?

Of course, if you follow the trending topic that happened to Fortnite some time ago, you totally will agree that this skin is the most favorite. This skin absolutely appears in one Fortnite commercial video. The video here is named Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite.

Moreover, Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite is a kind of parody video as Epic’s Games response to Apple company. A few months ago, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store because of payment guidelines violations. It is proven when Apple announced that Epic Games has violated the terms and services. So, the violation here totally led Apple corporation to remove Fortnite from the App Store.

Nineteen Eighty-Fortnite video showed a female character that carried a hammer and threw it to the screen in which a Big Boss gave a speech. Then, the female character here is Brilliant Bomber.

Brilliant Bomber is a female outfit which is presented by a young woman. She has a little makeup with big brown eyes. She also has outstanding pink hair that is gathered in a sloppy tail. If you see her, you will be amazed with her beautiful face. What makes her more beautiful is in sunglasses in her hair.

She is wearing a black and blue jumpsuit with geometrical prints and silver accents. Then, the most gorgeous part that you can find in this costume is a painting of a unicorn on her chest and a rainbow bandage on her right hand.

She comes with black leather gloves with open fingers and a modern device fixed on her wrist. The lower part of her jumpsuit has no silver accents which are completely dark. Furthermore, she has a blue knee pad on his left knee and additional steel protection. She is also wearing high black boots that are seemingly ordinary if not bright colored shoelaces. If you see that the outfit of a Brilliant Bomber look is very cool and uncommon.

To know more about Brilliant Bomber skin in Fortnite, we surely show you some facts of this skin below!

Facts of Brilliant Bomber Skin

  • Rarity: Rare
  • Type: Outfit
  • Availability: Unreleased
  • ID: CID_619_Athena_Commando_F_TechLlama
  • Categories: Female

How much does the Brilliant Bomber skin cost?

Well, if this is already available in Fortnite Item Shop, you definitely can buy it at 1,200 V-Bucks. Of course, this is a reliable price remembering that this skin is very worthy to have. So, please grab it fast when you see this skin available in the shop

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