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The prop hunt mode in online games is definitely one of the most popular modes that the players love to play. This one allows you to hide from your opponents who are given a certain amount of time to find you around the map. There are a lot of different objects that you are able to hide behind, and this depends upon the type of map that you are playing. In the game called Fortnite, the prop hunt is called the Hide and Seek mode.

For those who want to play the Hide and Seek mode in Fortnite, you have to start a creative server by clicking on the Launch button located below the Start a server section. In the creative hub, you have to approach a featured rift, which will ask you to press E on your keyboard in order to enter a certain island code. Entering the code will allow you to join one of many Hide and Seek maps that exist in the game.

Hence, here are some big house Hide and Seek Fortnite codes:

  • 5266 7624 0602
  • 9547 8714 0946
  • 4613 7051 3975

If you think three are not enough and you want more Fortnite codes, you might want to try some other Hide and Seek Fortnite codes. There are a lot of Hide and Seek codes. Here are some of the most popular ones out there:

The Mall Is Closing: 5942-4943-2271

The Mall Is Closing is one of the oldest yet the most popular maps available in the game. There are different levels, a lot of hunters, and a lot of objects to hide behind. It is the same one as the original map, but not as dark as the original version.

Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt: 0139-3586-5803

Indoor Water Park Prop Hunt has humongous slides, pool, and the other kinds of water rides. This one is one of the most difficult maps in terms of the number of good hiding places because of its high visibility.

Tinker’s Toy Store: 0632-6317-2480

Tinker’s Toy Store is another extremely popular Hide and Seek map. In this one, there is a library, Christmas themed rooms, and certain areas where you are able to even meet Santa.

The Lab: 6037-4898-7705

The Lab is one of the eeriest maps in the game called Fortnite. This one has various human experimentation instruments such as dead bodies and the other kinds of strange equipment. Your job in the game is to be a shape shifting anomaly or look for the other players who are in the form of shape shifting anomalies.

Tiny Tops Map: 9673-6880-8356

This one is a custom map that has been inspired by the toy story series of Disney. The thing has been proved to be one of the most loved ones in the game. In this map, you are shrunk into toy size and have to look for each other in the house full of the other toys.

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