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Sensitivity is just as important as the other settings. It governs how you interact with the world. Sensitivity can get a little complicated though. It is even more important on a controller than a mouse and keyboard, so it is vital that you use the best Xbox One settings here.

The sensitivity of your crosshairs in the game called Fortnite will depend upon personal preference. However, while a lower sensitivity and big mouse pad is usually a benefit for PC users, if you are an Xbox controller then it is not this easy. A higher sensitivity will allow the player to make quicker movements when aiming, both from the hip and especially down the sights. However, this one may take some time to get used to.

  • Aiming Down the Sights

Higher than the standard amount, you can try to get it two-thirds of the way towards the max, or as high as you are able to manage without making too many mistakes.

  • Scoped Sensitivity

This one is fine to be kept lower. While aiming down a scope, you need to be able to make careful precise movements without having to worry about overshooting your target because of too high sensitivity.

  • Build Mode Sensitivity

Having the Build Mode Sensitivity higher than your normal sensitivity is important for building quicker.

  • Edit Mode Sensitivity

Having Edit Mode Sensitivity around the same as your build sensitivity will help you build muscle memory in this mode.

  • Look Horizontal Speed

This one sets quickly your view rotates left and right. You can set it lower for less speed and more control and higher to move faster. 50% is a good start and you are not recommended to go lower than 40% or higher than 60%. Having Look Horizontal Speed higher makes it much easier to turn quicker and respond to movement.

  • Look Vertical Speed

This one sets how quickly your view rotates up and down. You are recommended to set this the same as your Look Horizontal Speed for consistent movements in the horizontal and vertical axes.

  • Turning Horizontal Boost

You are able to apply an additional left or right rotation speed when your look stick is fully deflected. Apparently, every top controller player sets Turning Horizontal Boost into 0% to disable the horizontal boost and so should you.

  • Turning Vertical Boost

You are able to apply an additional up or down rotation speed when your look stick is fully deflected. As you are not using a boost this setting does not matter but please set it to 0 seconds anyway.

  • Instant Boost when Building

You are able to enable this setting to ignore the boost ramp when in build mode. As you are not using this setting does not matter but set it to On.

Feel free to try the best sensitivity for Fortnite Xbox explained above. Please take a note that the word “best” is subjective. Everyone has their own opinion. The one that is best for can be the least best for the others.

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