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Do you want to play Prop Hunt maps in Fortnite Creative? Then, you have to try to play these best Prop Hunt maps. Prop Hunt is actually a hide and seek Creative mode island and it is for up to 16 players. A team of players in this mode will be armed with nothing but  a Prop-o-Matic and wits.

They must survive until the timer runs out by hiding among the thousands of props which litter the map. The players who hide are able to collect coins to increase the score of their team. However, if they do it, it will require them to move out into the open.

Here are the best Prop Hunt maps that you are able to try to play in Fortnite.

  • Tidal Wave Prop Hunt. This map is created by Absurdite. In this map, you will be brought in the summer. You will be able to hide and seek around the beach and huts. The thing that makes this map unique is that periodically throughout the time you play on this map, a tidal wave will come through and move players around. This map is fun to play and there are a lot going for it. The code for this map is 8312-0054-3731.
  • Battle Pass Prop Hunt. This map is created by Shride. In the Chapter 2: Season 2, there is an awesome area. You are able to explore the battle pass there. It has an area for the skins, to see challenges, rewards and even has the hidden Deadpool location. This map recreates this whole area and permits you to be able to disguise yourself as some select items from it. The code for this map is 9565-6442-7019.
  • Toy Story Prop Hunt. This map is created by Trizbear. Even though this map is a bit old, it still holds up as a fun version of Prop Hunt. In this map, you will be able to delve into a world which is very reminiscent of Pixar’s movie, Toy Story. In the game, you will see toys everywhere to become and emulate. Even there is a dinosaur that looks like Rex from the movies. If you are on the toy side, you have to collect 12 different puzzle pieces to win. But, if you are in the Zurg’s team, you have to track down those impostor objects before they are able to get them. The code for this map is 5530-6235-0681.
  • Stray Kite Farms Prop Hunt. This map is created by Stray Kite. This map is suitable for you who are looking for a classic map. This farm is littered with stuff to transform to and you will have to be on your toes as a hunter to find people. This game can be played for 6-16 players. If you choose to be on the prop team, then you have to collect coins and avoid the hunters. But, if you are on the hunter’s side, then you have to look for those players aggressively and you have to use the timed pings to your advantage. The winner of this game is the team who have the most points at the end of the game. The code for this map is 6069-9263-9110.

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