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Fortnite has Fortnite Creative where you are able to make your own island and then if you want other players to visit your island, they need the code. A lot of players make their own islands and some islands that they make is hide and seek islands. Do you want to play hide and seek maps? Then you have to play the best of them.

KaidGames on his Youtube video entitled Top 10 Best Hide and Seek Creative Maps in Fortnite | Fortnite Hide and Seek Map Codes uploaded on January 26th, 2019 shares the 10 best Hide and Seek Creative Maps. According to his opinion, here are the best hide and seek map codes.

  • 0215-4477-2283
  • 6133-1993-8874
  • 9653-5199-9021
  • 9277-1432-7797
  • 1127-9775-9819
  • 1228-3826-1798
  • 7121-1399-6437
  • 3559-7849-3758
  • 6585-8238-0391
  • 1257-8257-4999

You are able to watch the video to see how the maps are. Or, you just have to use the code and see by yourself how the map is and you are able to explore it.

Based on Playerz Dominiance site,  there are 12 best Hide and Seek maps in Fortnite. Some of them are listed below.

  • Fortnite Hide and Seek Remaining Ruins. The code for this map is 5636-1824-2208. In this map, you will be able to see a lot of things to offer. Here, you will take a trip back in time and you are catapulted to a post-apocalyptic map where you have to hide. Then, a receiver will search and have a fighter to help. You are able to meet other players and recruit them to your team.
  • Fortnite Hide and Seek Bloody Mines. The code for this map is 9300-7920-6878. In this map, you have to hide from the killer in the bloody mines. So, in this game, someone will play the killer, one is a detective and other players will have to hide. The goal of this game is to be able to eliminate the assassin before he finds you. If you want to play in a bigger group, then this map is suitable for you.
  • Fortnite Hide and Seek Mansion. The code for this map is 2984-0520-2397. This map was created by Milan Kroezen and here you will be able to find a big holiday home with a pool area in the garden. This map offers several hiding places in the house, in the water and even on a slide.
  • Fortnite Hide and Seek Monte. The code is 4771-4963-5218. In this map, there are several houses, a lot of trees and a lot of small details. It will be a good place to hide and begin a great game of hide and seek with friends.
  • Fortnite Hide and Seek Friday the 13th. The code is 5198-6722-3197. This map was created by JXDVN. This map is very scary. There will be an assassin who must find the campers. Campers need to hide and survive the night.
  • Fortnite Hide and Seek Laser Tag. The code for this map is 0159-7611-5733. This map was created by Puzzler. In this map, you are in a game room which is dark and it will be only lit by neon lights. You are able to use the map to play hide and seek or you are able to combine it with a laser tag name.

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