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The option in Creative Mode for getting ready to play the game in Fortnite is playing an edit course. Here, we will inform you about the best edit course in Fortnite Creative. The courses are good for practicing and getting prepared to head into battle.

The first one is Officialcandook’s 9 in 1 Course. The code for this map is 7440-4394-8340. It is an almost all-encompassing course which is designed to be able to get you from beginner to professional level. If you have started playing or you were not focusing very much on improvement before, you can choose this since it is an excellent starting point.

On this map, the course is split up into 9 different sections including Beginner, Very Easy, Easy, Amateur, Normal, Advanced, Hard, Impossible and Godlike. Each of these courses offer a set of timers that will grant you a medal for completing a course in a set amount of time.

The second one is Officialcandook’s Advanced Practice Course. The code for it is 5618-2963-5299. This course is difficult but its payoff is immense. The course begins with sections where you must maneuver your way through a wooden maze. This course also has angular sections and also those where you have to take off the top part of the structure and jump over the rest. In this course, it does not only teach you how to edit quickly and efficiently but also how to move properly.

Next course is Imspeedygonzales’s course. The code for this course is 5842-2051-9053. If you are a beginner, this edit course may not be for you. It is designed to get through most of the higher level practice that a pro needs. If you are looking for a short course, you are able to run through over and over again until you can be perfect on it.

Cook’s Warm Up Edit Course can also be your choice to play if you are looking for the best edit course in Fortnite Creative. The code for this course is 6055-7683-6855. This course is very practice-heavy and it is good for practicing repetitive editing. It is because it will force you to be able to go through the similar edits until they are ingrained in your muscle memory. In the map, there are walls which are countless and those are set up and ready for you to get your muscle memory going. Without a visual aid, this one is harder to do. So, it is recommended for you to look at the video first because it will show you how the sections blend and mesh together.

How about Rodey’s Edit Training Course? This course can also be considered as one of the best edit courses. The code for this course is 4809-4741-0206. In this map, there are edit courses for beginner, intermediate, and advanced. It means that you are able to find something for all levels of skill when you are using it as your warm up before you go into the game. Also, if you are looking for an all-in-one option, there is aim training.

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